• Fludir is a rapidly growing community in the center of Hrunamannahreppur district. The area is considered to be very fertile and beautiful. Litla-Laxa (Little Salmon River), a clear spring river runs through the village in an attractive basin. Midfell, a small mountain towers over Fludir, and gives the surrounding area a distinctive look. Good walking and riding paths lie to to the top of Midfell. There you can find an impressive lake and from the top is a great view over the area.

    The main sources of employment in Fludir is services, industry and horticulture. Geothermal heat is utilized for greenhouses, and here is the biggest mushroom factory in Iceland. The surrounding area is a popular location for summerhouses.

    Fludir has excellent services available for visitors. Among those offered are a grocery store, restaurant, swimming pool, accommodation, camping ground, information center, golf course, horse rental, bank, post office and a small airfield. A folk museum is at the farm Grof.


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