Hestaleigan Kátur

                                          With our horse rental Hestaleigan Kátur in Akureyri we offer daily  1-2 hour-long guided riding tours, as well as custom-made tours. Families, groups or single travellers, everyone is welcome! We have calm and well-trained horses for every level of experience.
Our riding tours take place all year-long. During summertime ( (May - October), we ride along the river Eyjafjarðará with a beautiful view of the countryside and the surrounding mountains Eyjafjörður (Eyjafjord). During wintertime (November - April), our riding tours start at our stables (Sörlaskjól 6, 603 Akureyri) just outside of town. 
Both locations are within comfortable driving distance, about 5-10 minutes drive from Akureyri town center.
At least one guide accompanies the guests on each riding tour. For safety reasons, we offer helmets, safety stirrups and safety vests for little kids.
Children who are 13 years old or younger need to be supervised by an adult. Additionally, we offer car rides from Akureyri to the horse rental for the fee of 1500 ISK per person.
By the way, the Icelandic word “Kátur“ means happy. 
There is no such thing than experiencing the stunning Icelandic nature on horseback. :) A highlight you shouldn‘t miss on your trip to Iceland.
(Please note that there is a weight limit of 110 kg/220 Lbs)
June til October: Kaupvangsbakkar, Eyjafjarðarsveit (Marked with a big sign)- Google Maps
November til May: Sörlaskjól 6, 603 Akureyri - Google Maps


Hestaleigan Kátur
Hestaleigan Kátur
Hestaleigan Kátur

Hestaleigan Kátur

Address: Kaupangi, 601 Akureyri
Location: Akureyri
Tel: (+354) 6957218
Mobile (+354) 8472208
email: ferdafakar@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hestaleiga.is

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Hestaleigan Kátur

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