Stekkjardalur Cottage

Accommodation in a detached house next to the farmhouse. The house is spacious with two floors, 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and a kitchen. TV, washing machine, dryer and freezer. Free Wi-Fi. Fenced back garden with barbecue facilities. The house is rented out as a whole. Perfect for families or groups of friends.

Trout fishing in Lake Svínavatn, fishing permits are included in the price both summer and winter. Many of the country’s best fishing rivers and lakes are in the neighbourhood. Blönduós town has a fine geothermal swimming pool with slides, hot tubs and a steam bath (25 km/15.9 mi). Sheep and horse round-ups take place at Auðkúlurétt in the autumn (200 m/219 yd). The surrounding area is ideal for short walks and hikes. Nearest shop is in Blönduós (25 km/15.9 mi). Only one hour’s drive to the ski area Tindastóll by Sauðárkrókur town. River rafting for all abilities available nearby. Golf course and horse rental Galsi just outside Blönduós. There are also several interesting museums in Blönduós e.g. The Icelandic Salmon Centre, the outlaw exhibition at Eyvindarstofa, the Textile Museum and Sea Ice Exhibition Centre.

Icelandic countryside at its best
Sléttárdalur is a lush green valley in one of Iceland’s most fertile farmlands, also rich in history. There are many attractions here. The landscape is comprised of mountains and valleys with glistening salmon rivers running through them. The scenery is completely different in winter. On clear nights the northern lights can often be seen dancing above the snowy peaks.
Nearby attractions
A short drive from Stekkjardalur takes you to Vatnsnes, a peninsula where you can find one of Iceland’s largest seal colonies. The drive around Vatnsnes goes past Hvítserkur, an impressive 15 m/49 ft high sea stack. Vatndalshólar, a cluster of hills formed by a catastrophic landslide before the time of settlement, are located in nearby Vatnsdalur Valley.

Hveravellir on the Kjölur route is one of Iceland’s largest geothermal areas. The country’s most famous outlaw, Fjalla Eyvindur, lived here for a while with his wife Halla. There is a natural hot spring river here you can bathe in.

Hrútey Island in the glacial river Blanda, with its varied flora and birdlife, is the pride of Blönduós town. There is a beautiful stone church at Þingeyrar, consecrated in 1877.

Kálfshamarsvík is a small cove on the northern side of Skagi, where basalt cliffs formed around 2 million years ago, a peculiar wonder of nature.

Hosts: Ægir and Gerður

Stekkjardalur Cottage
Stekkjardalur Cottage
Stekkjardalur Cottage

Stekkjardalur Cottage

Address: Stekkjardalur
Location: Blonduos
Tel: (+354) 4527171
Mobile (+354) 8966011

Stekkjardalur Cottage

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