Skúrinn ehf

Skúrinn Ehf is a store and workshop for all kinds of campers and trailers.

Skúrinn is a family business where father and son are the only employees.

Our motto is personal service/affordable prices

In the store is a variety of camping equipment and spare parts for all kinds of camping vehicles

Located in Akureyri in the north of Iceland, this is the only store of it‘s kind outside the capital Reykjavík.

Please drop by for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat, we can most likely help you with something.

Skúrinn ehf
Skúrinn ehf
Skúrinn ehf

Skúrinn ehf

Address: Njardarnes 2 - 600
Location: Akureyri
Tel: (+354) 5557555
Mobile (+354) 8593535

Skúrinn ehf

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